TS&E offers education and training functions for the benefit of those who desire to further enhance their knowledge in reservoir simulation and engineering. Such training is available in the form of short intensive courses combined with workshop sessions where the student gains experience using a full-scale real reservoir simulation.

TS&E also welcomes participation of clients in their studies with a varying degree of participation ranging from clients themselves undertaking a study with our guidance as needed to TS&E carrying out a study with their assistance and in-depth on-the-job training. Special arrangement can also be made for conducting the training at clients' offices.

Licensees of TS&E software receive unlimited technical support and guidance via email, phone or fax. Prompt and competent assistance is provided to remedy any difficulty in using our software and work-around solutions are offered if the problem cannot be rectified immediately.

TS&E strives to continually update the software through our own in-house R&D activity and by incorporating any superior techniques and features available in the published literature. Upon fully testing and documenting the updates, they are made available to the clients at no additional costs.

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