Technical Software & Engineering (TS&E) is an international professional organization offering a variety of computer simulation software and services devoted primarily to the needs of oil, gas, geothermal, and related energy industries. We also undertake contract research and development for novel mathematical models involving heat and mass transfer underground. TS&E possesses expertise in the simulation of reservoir behavior, natural gas storage, geothermal reservoir exploitations, thermal recovery processes, pipe line transmission, groundwater hydrology, radioactive and non-radioactive waste disposal, and related disciplines.

Some of the key benefits of our services include:

  • State-of-the-art technology and tools.
  • With a nucleus of small experienced staff, all studies regardless of their simplicity or complexity are undertaken by experts in their field resulting in high quality dependable results upon which management decisions can be made with confidence.
  • Personnel undertaking a study are generally responsible for the development of the applicable simulator or are intimately familiar with their internal workings and limitations eliminating any misuse/abuse of the tool.
  • Choosing the right tool and applying the relevant options for studying a particular reservoir behavior. In the event of any unusual reservoir phenomena not captured by the simulator, our staff can quickly and efficiently implement the features to capture such desired phenomena or amend the data to approximate.
  • Our experience and expertise enable us to design a simulation study to capture essential phenomena resulting in the completion of a study in a relatively shorter time and efforts saving substantial professional time.
  • Because of a number of common modules (linear equation solvers. input and output routines, graphics etc.) which are ready to be used from TS&E's proprietary library, we are generally able to complete a task of developing new models in a fraction of the total expected time.
  • With our substantially low overhead coupled with a shorter completion time, we are able to satisfactorily conclude an assignment at a much lower total cost.

While our services are not limited to those listed below, they highlight the bulk of the activities where our services can be greatest benefit. We provide comprehensive services related to virtually all facets of reservoir exploitation and management in a cost effective and timely manner. They cover a variety of reservoir characteristics including black oil, gas condensate, volatile oil, two-phase gas reservoirs, gas transmission systems, gas storage in salt dome or conventional depleted reservoirs, single porosity and dual porosity/permeability fractured reservoirs, geothermal reservoirs, heat and mass flow associated with volcanic activity and others.

Our team of experts has extensive experience to:

  • Undertake comprehensive integrated reservoir simulation studies assimilating all available data including geological, geophysical, seismic, well logs, petro physical, pvt-analysis, pressure transient tests, well performance and others.
  • Construct and develop reservoir simulation models with thorough understanding of reservoir features and physics of reservoir behavior.
  • Design an optimum field development plan and reservoir management strategy to maximize economical value of the development including the long term production forecasts under different scenarios.
  • Identify production enhancement possibilities via work-over, infill drilling, well treatment, etc. and quantify opportunities for appraisal, development, production optimization and utilization of new technologies and tools.
  • Design reservoir surveillance procedures in order to acquire reservoir information for purpose of reservoir management as well as to evaluate and analyze those data and results.
  • Identify data gathering requirements, and providing input and advice for operational activities (e.g. logging, testing, stimulating) and to well operations planning and well evaluations.
  • Provide specialized high quality reservoir engineering assessment for asset acquisition to assist management in decision making.
  • Screen the reservoir candidates for various EOR processes for a subsequent more in-depth study employing the chosen EOR process.
  • Optimize and forecast geothermal reservoir potential and design optimal exploitation program.
  • Assess the suitability of a reservoir for gas storage and determine the optimum cycle time, cushion gas, sustained withdrawal rates, and related operational activities.
  • Design and maximize the utility of a pipeline system with optimal compressor requirements.
  • Undertake R&D contracts for developing novel customized mathematical models.
  • Offer on-the-job training and in-depth short courses in reservoir engineering and simulation.
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