Technical Software & Engineering (TS&E) was founded in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1973 by Dr. Mohan S. Seth, Dr. Gordon W. Thomas, and Dr. Allen M. Rowe for the sole purpose of providing State-of-the Art reservoir simulation technology and related engineering services in a cost effective manner to the World energy industry. Initial efforts were primarily devoted to developing a black oil simulator and a dry single phase gas simulators while concurrently undertaking minor reservoir engineering studies. In 1976, it was re-incorporated as a Texas Corporation with offices in Dallas, Texas and in the late nineties it was re-registered as a Texas Company.

TS&E Serving CountriesIn 1976, TS&E entered into a Joint Venture agreement with Arab Petroleum Consultants (APC) headed by Sheikh Abdullah H. Tariki (late oil minister of Saudi Arabia and co-founder of OPEC) with offices in Kuwait. The primary objectives of the JV were to provide reservoir engineering services and training to the Middle Eastern oil producing countries. This agreement was concluded after about 7 years during which period APC/TS&E carried out a number of major reservoir engineering studies for national oil companies and Ministries of Kuwait, Abu Dhabi, Libya, and Algeria, and also offered extended training schools in Kuwait and Dallas. The reservoir engineering studies necessitated development of a number of novel techniques which were then the 'first' in the industry such as Adaptive Implicit Method, treatment of faults through non-neighboring grid connections, variable bubble point and oil types, and their mixing, vector version of the black oil simulator for the first proto-type computer with vector processors (STAR-100, predecessor of CRAY), and numerous others.

Concurrently with the APC activities and beyond it through the early nineties, TS&E was engaged in undertaking several reservoir studies including that of geothermal and geo-pressured reservoirs, and providing support and maintenance in the use of its simulators. The major accomplishments during this period included development and completion of four major simulators which were sponsored by the industry and research organizations. They included (a) 2-d 3-phase coning simulator, (b) geothermal simulator, (c) Gas-water simulator for geo-pressured reservoirs, and (d) an n-component isothermal 3-phase compositional simulator of which (a) is now redundant with SIM.UBOS, and the remaining three are continually updated, maintained and commercially offered to the industry. Numerous studies (oil, gas, and geothermal reservoirs) for PERTAMINA (Indonesian National Oil Co.) along with on-the-job training, British Gas Corp (UK), Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research, domestic consultants and others also kept TS&E staff interestingly engaged.

From early 1993 to 2003, significant efforts were devoted to the development of a multi-component non-isothermal reactive transport and flow simulator (MULTIFLO) suitable for high level radio active waste disposal underground. This development was sponsored by U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission and was undertaken in collaboration with the scientists of SouthWest Research Institute, San Antonio, Texas. In addition, a 3-component geothermal simulator funded by the World Bank for applications in Tibet, and SIM.MAGMA simulator for studying volcanic activity (sponsored by Tokyo Nuclear Cycle Development Institute) were concluded.

TS&E continues to devote significant time to in-house research and development with a view to enhance simulators in its library, and undertake reservoir studies having completed three dual porosity fractured reservoir studies for a client in South America, and a few gas storage studies for the U.S. domestic companies in the recent past.

TS&E's engineers and/or software have served most oil provinces of the World including Abu Dhabi, Algeria, Argentina, Australia, Canada, China, Egypt, Germany, India, Indonesia, Kuwait, Libya, Mexico, Norway, Pakistan, Philippines, United Kingdom, and the United States of America.
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